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  1. What is a Cultured Pearl?

    Cultured means that Man intervenes, so the majority of both sea and freshwater pearls that are produced today are Cultured Pearls.  If you are lucky enough to find an oyster that has produced a pearl from a grain of sand, then you have a Natural Pearl. Now adays, it is like finding a needle in a haystack.

    Your grandmother pearls were often natural pearls.

  2. What is the difference between a Sea Pearl and a Fresh Water Pearl?

    A Sea Pearl is grown in an Oyster and is flushed with salt water during the growing process, while a Fresh Water Pearl is usually grown in a Muscle and flushed with non salt water.

  3. What is a Majorcan Pearl?

    A Majorcan Pearl is also known as a South Sea Shell Pearl.  It is the ground Mother of Pearl from the Oyster that is compacted under pressure and coated with layers of Resin. Any colour added to the resin gives the Sea Shell Pearl its colour.

    It is the perfect Pearl, as any Pearl grown in either an Oyster or a Muscle (Mollusc) is a creation of nature and a natural gem and therefore has some inperfections. Sea Shell Pearls are perfect solid Mother of Pearl.

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Private Showings

  1. Who can arrange a private showing?

    To arrange a Private Showing:

    In your home you need to invite six( 6 ) to eight(8) friends for an day or evening of fun and frivolity. Time allocated is about 2 hours and in that time you and your friends can try on pieces and bring along outfits if you are trying to match your assessories.

    Community Groups

    Ann is happy to come to you as a Guest Speaker and give a max. 20minute information session on Pearls, the industry and answer questions from your members. She will also setup an display of Pearls and Semi Precious Gemstone Jewellery.

    Community Events

    Ann will set up a display of Pearls for your participants to peruse during their breaks or downtimes

    Contact Ann on M: 0400 501 347 to arrange a showing.

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  1. Do you hold Classes?

    Yes,  contact Ann on M:0400 501 347 or for details

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